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Reviews of Marycliff Piano Lessons in Ipswich UK

Reviews of piano teacher Clifford Evans

Adam Hunter - technical manager wrote ..
I'm still excited about the future and find that the more I know the more I want to know. As I listen to different piano pieces each day, knowing that I am on my way to being able to play them is just fantastic. It's a dream that I have found a tutor whose background and knowledge, in my opinion, is unsurpassable. Many can teach one to play the piano, but I believe that few can tutor one to actually give the instrument a voice whereby others will understand what the music is saying. Your ability to develop this instrument vocalization combined with first rate piano playing skills through your years of knowledge and experience is just sublime. Thanks.

Matt Smith - piano teacher and Mathematics teacher, wrote ...
When I first started studying with Clifford, I was 12 years old and was not very good at the piano. Clifford provided me with unlimited access to his fountain of knowledge and it was his instruction and encouragement that helped me make the transition from the young boy of 12 who could hardly play "Oh Susanna" to a 16 year old playing Beethoven's "Pathetique Sonata". He instilled me with a wealth of knowledge and inspired me to continue my studies at university, even though I had to move back to America. I now have 18 piano students of my own, and I owe it all to Clifford.

Colleen Seymour - adult student wrote ...
I could find another teacher, but you are the best, and I'd rather learn from you.

Rachael Wheatley - business development professional, says ...
Cliff, I cannot believe how much progress I have made since taking lessons with you! I've had approximately 10 lessons and am thrilled at my standard of playing now let alone in the future! Shame I waited so long before starting but then if I hadn't I may not have found such a wonderful, patient teacher!

Justin Grassi - graphics designer says ...
Cliff Evans was the best teacher I've ever had.

Reviews of piano teacher Maryvonne Evans

Philippa M - adult student wrote ...
I have been taught the piano by Maryvonne for 5 years and the experience and knowledge I have gained has been truly inspirational. Not only have I progressed extremely well with the piano, but it has also helped me to relax, and I find my piano lessons very rewarding and fulfilling.

Elaine aged 16 - wrote ...
I really enjoy my piano lessons with Mrs. Evans who has taught me from when I was 6 years old, so I have learnt a lot from her! She's made the piano both relaxing and very rewarding. Since then I have passed some exams with distinction.

Joyce K - parent of 2 pupils wrote ...
I have found Maryvonne's teaching a truly excellent foundation for my two sons aged 4 and 6. They have progressed week after week into beautiful and focused pianists. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Amanda M - Alice's mum wrote ...
Alice enjoys her piano lessons with Mrs. Evans. She has progressed well. I like the fact that Alice is learning for pleasure rather than the pressure of exams.

The Freebie first meeting

piano teacher Clifford Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is not an actual lesson, although there might be some sample tuition so you can see how it goes. An opportunity for us to meet and get used to each other. You ask any questions you like and we show how the teaching of piano keyboard begins, learn about your musical aims and tastes, design your first lesson and suggest a couple of books you will need to start with. It takes about an hour and is absolutely FREE. Just pick up the phone to arrange your piano freebie" ..... piano teacher Clifford Evans.
piano teacher Maryvonne Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is informal and friendly - a get to know each other - either for a child beginner with parent or an adult beginner. I explain how the piano keyboard and your fingers work together and encourage you to play the piano a little. You ask any questions and remember that I'm here to help and guide you along with enjoyable progress. Don't be nervous - just relax and enjoy the piano lessons. Give us a ring to arrange this piano freebie. See you soon " ..... piano teacher Maryvonne Evans.

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