Marycliff Piano Lessons
Ipswich UK
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Piano Teachers in Ipswich Suffolk UK

Piano teacher Clifford Evans at the piano
Maryvonne Evans at the piano

Clifford has ISM registered private teacher status with Enhanced Disclosure CRB Certificate.

  • Clifford Evans is giving Skype Piano Lessons
  • Face-to-face lessons are suspended during Covid-19.
  • SkypeStudio
    Skype Piano Lessons Clifford's online piano lessons are reputed to be even better than his face-to face ones - read reviews. Regular lessons are discounted and greater frequency is very good for your progress...
    LevelWeeklyFortnightly4 weeklyOne-off

    Payments for on-line lessons should be made day no later than 1 day before the lesson via

    Clifford has developed the technique of teaching online piano lessons so thoroughly that many are saying that these are even better than his face-to-face lessons, which themselves had great reviews. After only 4 months of Clifford's Skype Piano Lessons Lynette, an adult intermediate student says.....
  • They have exceeded all my expectations.
  • Skype lessons have been brilliant. 17-09-20
  • Was delighted to be able to resume my piano lessons using Skype as I surely missed my lessons during lockdown. At first I wasn't sure if the Skype lesson would be as good as the face-to-face lessons, but in fact they have exceeded all my expectations. I still have high quality teaching and Clifford is still able to demonstrate intricate techniques with his new Skype studio. I feel very relaxed and yet can still concentrate and believe I am progressing at a better rate. I can highly recommend Clifford as an excellent teacher of the piano and his Skype lessons have been brilliant.
  • About our face-to-face piano lessons

    Marycliff Piano Lessons face-to-face lessons are not currently available due to Covid-19. When it is safe to resume, Clifford's fees will be posted here and Maryvonne Evans' fees will be £17 for half an hour and £34 for an hour on a weekly basis.

    If you want to play piano properly, it's faster and therefore cheaper in the long run to learn piano with experienced teachers like us. We're very patient, love our work, and go for thoroughness without shortcuts but still with loads of fun. You can enjoy classical, jazz or pop - if it's written down we can teach it! If you're a parent with a child who wants to learn - that's an enriching experience. If you are an adult, it's possible to achieve that dream and use music and piano to relax and destress from a demanding job and life. Playing the piano has given us much pleasure and we'd like to do the same for you.
    ALL AGES AND STANDARDS WELCOME. Have your piano lessons on a real grand or upright piano. It's OK to have an electronic keyboard, digital piano or acoustic piano at home because our tuition is applicable to all these instruments. You will also learn to read left hand, as well as right hand music and eventually play by memory. You can go at your own speed depending on how much time you have available, although 30 minutes daily practice and a weekly lesson can produce excellent results. Progress at your own speed, but remember that playing or progressing too fast does not produce the best results.
    Learn to play famous tunes like 'Ave Maria' based J.S.Bach's first prelude with a special arrangement by Clifford
    opening bars of Ave Maria
    or "Highland Bagpipes Tune" an easy original composition written by Clifford for his pupils.
    part of Highland Bagpipes tune
    a correct hand position is essential for good piano keyboard techniqueCorrect hand position on the keyboard is essential for acquiring a good piano technique and beautiful sound in a relaxed manner. Also good fingering is very important to help you progress easily and thoroughly. If you learn to play correctly right from the beginning, the skill becomes much easier. Just like with golf - it's not just about hitting the ball, and some effort is required to do it correctly and efficiently. It's the same with piano playing but the reward is well worth it and easier in the long run. Marycliff Piano Lessons give you tuition in this.
    Have FUN but enjoy working thoroughly with one-to-one lessons for child beginners or adult beginners. Clifford helps adults to progress right from the beginning without you being under pressure. Lessons are well organised, relaxed and enjoyable. Maryvonne has the knack of working with young children and makes it fun. Both children and adults learn to play piano or keyboard equally well with both hands and eventually in any style. Here is an opportunity to achieve your dream and learn piano with a good technique and warm sound whatever level you are.
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