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Tel: 01473 253217 9am-9pm for Freebie

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Marycliff Piano Lessons parking

Marycliff Piano Lessons car park
Plan of car park at Marycliff Piano

We provide FREE parking for pupils coming to Marycliff Piano Lessons Ipswich Suffolk and you are welcome to use it. However it is a small area and only safe for 3 cars parked carefully.

Your first visit: For your own safety and insurance reasons, before you have completed and signed the parking discalimer, we ask that you park in Chelsworth Avenue just opposite.

Please check your vehicle for oil or any other leaks before using the car park.

There is just enough space for a 3-point turn, but please follow the correct direction of the arrows and kindly avoid ryeversing into the driveway or the parking spaces.

You are welcome to park as close as possible to the pavement - closer than shown on the diagram.

For your own safety, please do not park on Westerfield Road itself as it is dangerously close to the roundabout and traffic has a habit of coming round the corner rather suddenly: this is why we request that you do not reverse into the road. If you are not happy about the parking discalimer, please park in Chelmsworth Avenue nearly opposite the house. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Freebie first meeting

piano teacher Maryvonne Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is informal and friendly - a get to know each other - both yourself and your son or daughter. I explain how the piano keyboard and your fingers work together and encourage your child to play the piano a little. You ask any questions and remember that I'm here to help and guide you with enjoyable progress. No-one should be nervous - just encourage your child to come along and have some fun and enjoy the musical experience. Give us a ring to arrange a piano freebie. Exams are not compulsory and piano playing can be used to relax and de-stress at all ages as well as make good progress. See you soon. " Please note that Maryvonne's lessons are £16 per half hour or £32 per hour on a weekly basis.
piano teacher Clifford Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is not an actual lesson, although there is some sample tuition. It's an opportunity to meet and get used to each other. You ask any questions and I show how the teaching of piano keyboard begins, learn about your musical aims and tastes, design your first lesson and suggest a couple of books you will need. It takes about an hour and is FREE. Just pick up the phone to arrange this piano freebie. Take the opportunity to relax, create new skill and de-stress." Please note that Clifford's lessons are £35 per hour on a weekly basis for beginners. Advanced students may be more.

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MCPL 141 Westerfield Road
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Tel: 01473 253217 9am-9pm
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