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Useful music links for piano and keyboard players

Full symphony orchestra in the forefront of orchestral music in Suffolk.
The Ipswich Orchestral Society has performed concerts in Ipswich since 1902.
Regular concerts of Bach's music for choir and orchestra - but we don't only sing Bach.
List of musical organisations in Ipswich.
Piano tuning, training and related info.
World leading piano manufacturers of beautiful instruments.
Piano sales, hire, tuning, repairs and restoration - London based.
Piano parts, tools, tuning supplies, benches and lamps - USA based.
Buyer and wholesaler of antique and art cased pianos.
Quality piano sales, restoration and purchasing since 1988.
The world's best music recording magazine
Leading international music magazine publisher.
Suffolk's largest promoter of the pipe organ.
Piano lessons related information
Piano UK related info.

The Freebie first meeting

piano teacher Clifford Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is not an actual lesson, although there might be some sample tuition so you can see how it goes. An opportunity for us to meet and get used to each other. You ask any questions you like and we show how the teaching of piano keyboard begins, learn about your musical aims and tastes, design your first lesson and suggest a couple of books you will need to start with. It takes about an hour and is absolutely FREE. Just pick up the phone to arrange your piano freebie" ..... piano teacher Clifford Evans.
piano teacher Maryvonne Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is informal and friendly - a get to know each other - either for a child beginner with parent or an adult beginner. I explain how the piano keyboard and your fingers work together and encourage you to play the piano a little. You ask any questions and remember that I'm here to help and guide you along with enjoyable progress. Don't be nervous - just relax and enjoy the piano lessons. Give us a ring to arrange this piano freebie. See you soon " ..... piano teacher Maryvonne Evans.
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