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Aims of piano teacher Clifford Evans.

My aim is to give all pupils the opportunity to acquire a skill which they thought had passed them by. It great to see peoples' pleasure from new skill and the added bonus is that the piano can be used to relax and destress from the demands of 21st century life.

My main task from day one is to give the adult pupil confidence in themselves every step of the way, and to overcome their natural self-consciousness about playing to someone and making inevitable mistakes in front of them.

I try to explain how important mistakes are in the learning process, and that without them it would be impossible to teach anyone.

The way people make mistakes help me to analyse their problems and assist me in providing the solutions for making progress and I have endless patience with my pupils.

Aims of Piano Teacher Maryvonne Evans

In my view, pleasure and progress are dependent on each other and my aim in teaching the piano is to give children the love of music, whatever style they end up preferring to play.

If they come to piano lessons knowing that it is OK to make mistakes, work doesn't have to be perfect all the time, although of course this is what we try to achieve. In this way, progress will happen all the more smoothly.

I feel it is important to work at the speed of the child's capability : we do not all learn at the same speed or in the the same way. I believe anyone can play the piano and get a great deal of personal satisfaction from it, if their interest is carefully nurtured in a kind, encouraging way.

About Marycliff

Marycliff Piano Lessons was established in Ipswich Suffolk UK in 1987 and is a piano teaching partnership consisting of Clifford Evans and Maryvonne Evans, who offer one-to-one piano lessons and theory lessons for child beginners and adult beginners to advanced. Parking, washroom and waiting facilities are provided. Maryvonne and Clifford are both ISM Registered Private Teachers with Enhanced Disclosure CRB certificates for the role of Private Music Teacher. During years of experience of piano teaching they have helped many people of all ages achieve their dream of playing the piano - acoustic or digital - whether it be purely for pleasure, for ABRSM exams, competitions or college and university entrance.
The piano lessons are on acoustic piano and the tuition is applicable to keyboard. All styles are taught including classical, jazz and pop - if it's written down, they teach it. Lessons vary in length according to teacher. Clifford only does one hour lessons, and Maryvonne does both one hour lessons and 30 minute lessons. All lessons are weekly, and regular attendance is essential for adequate supervision, progress and resulting personal enjoyment and satisfaction. With irregular lessons, you would not make the same progress and only get frustrated and loose heart.

The Freebie first meeting

piano teacher Maryvonne Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is informal and friendly - a get to know each other - both yourself and your son or daughter. I explain how the piano keyboard and your fingers work together and encourage your child to play the piano a little. You ask any questions and remember that I'm here to help and guide you with enjoyable progress. No-one should be nervous - just encourage your child to come along and have some fun and enjoy the musical experience. Give us a ring to arrange a piano freebie. Exams are not compulsory and piano playing can be used to relax and de-stress at all ages as well as make good progress. See you soon. " Please note that Maryvonne's lessons are £16 per half hour or £32 per hour on a weekly basis.
piano teacher Clifford Evans"The first (free) piano meeting is not an actual lesson, although there is some sample tuition. It's an opportunity to meet and get used to each other. You ask any questions and I show how the teaching of piano keyboard begins, learn about your musical aims and tastes, design your first lesson and suggest a couple of books you will need. It takes about an hour and is FREE. Just pick up the phone to arrange this piano freebie. Take the opportunity to relax, create new skill and de-stress." Please note that Clifford's lessons are £35 per hour on a weekly basis for beginners. Advanced students may be more.

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