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Marycliff Piano Lessons
Ipswich Suffolk UK
Maryvonne Evans MISM
Clifford Evans FISM
Tel: 01473 253217
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Piano keyboard lessons for child or adult beginners

by ISM registered private teachers with Enhanced Disclosure CRB certificate for the role of Private Music Teacher.

Ring us on 01473 253217 to discuss lessons
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Piano teacher Clifford Evans at the piano
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Maryvonne Evans at the piano
If you want to play piano properly, it's FASTER and therefore CHEAPER to learn piano with experienced and proven experts like us. We're patient, love our work, aim for deep learning NOT shortcuts. Enjoy classical, jazz or pop - if it's written down we can teach it! Come here for your tuition with our quality piano keyboard lessons.

What you get at these piano keyboard lessons

ALL AGES AND STANDARDS WELCOME. Have your lesson on a real grand or upright piano. It's OK to have an electronic keyboard, digital piano or acoustic piano at home because our tuition is applicable to all these instruments. You will also learn to read left, as well as right hand music. Progress at YOUR speed. Playing too fast, too soon HOLDS YOU BACK.
Learn to play 'Ave Maria'
opening bars of Ave Maria
or "Highland Bagpipes Tune"
part of Highland Bagpipes tune
Choose your own style
once you have learnt the basics
Have FUN but enjoy working thoroughly with one-to-one lessons for child beginners or adult beginners. Learn to play piano keyboard equally well with both hands and in any style. Here is an opportunity to achieve your dream and learn how to play music with a good technique and warm sound without RSI. We explain and show exactly how it's done at whatever level you are at.
Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced student, you can just learn piano keyboard purely for pleasure with NO exams, or take tuition for ABRSM exams. You can go flat out for the top, or play the piano as a relaxing de-stresser from your demanding school work and exams or full-time job and family commitments.

Here's some FREE piano keyboard tuition

RH space notes in treble clef.
Treble clef right hand notes

"FACE" is nice and easy to remember. The treble clef looks like a G and shows us where the G line is - one note above F. The others fill up each space from bottom to top. View video clip above.
LH line notes in bass clef.
Left hand bass cleff line notes

To remember them think of 'Green Buses Drive Fast Always'. The bass or F clef used to have lines across which has been replaced by 2 dots, showing us exactly where F is on the stave.
metronome - a device for helping you play with a regular beatThe metronome is a device for helping you to play with good rhythm. Your piano or keyboard will probably have a digital metronome which is very accurate when you know how to use it. There is a way to practise with the metronome and we can show you how, without it putting you off.
a correct hand position is essential for good piano keyboard techniqueCorrect hand position on the piano keyboard is essential for acquiring a good technique and beautiful sound without hurting yourself with RSI. Marycliff Piano Lessons give you tuition in this.
MCPL 141 Westerfield Road
Ipswich Suffolk IP4 3AA UK
tel: 01473 253217 © Clifford Evans
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